Why Qeysh

Modern dating apps don’t work. This is primarily due to that fact that there isn’t a lot of dating involved. Instead, these apps lock users into a cycle that causes depression, self-doubt, and hopelessness. Users log on to these sites, fill out extensive dating profiles and then wait for the inadequate matches to roll in. One by one, users discover matches that are only looking for hook ups or that display several red flags. Users spend hours filling out matching profiles and thinking about their wants and needs in relationship to then only be matched with other users that don’t have any of these qualities.  

Qeysh is different. Years of research went into making Qeysh (Quiche) a website that seeks to correct all the worst things about online dating  Qeysh allows you to be matched with other users though a unique algorithm that eliminates other users with your dealbreakers. 

Through the Qeysh Website, there is no waiting for matches to respond to your first message, wondering if and when you will get to meet your match, and no ghosting. Qeysh firmly, believes that the only way to meet your true match, is to actually meet them. That’s why Qeysh makes you get off the web and into a restaurant. If you are really looking for a meaningful relationship, try something different. Try Qeysh.

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